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All in a Day’s Work

dayjob 450

  Taylor Swift and the Cookie Monster Nuanes, A. (2017, Aug 6). 18 of the Most Hysterical Coincidences Caught on Camera. [Web Log Post]. Retrieved Aug 9, 2017 from Coconuts for Breakfast UnKNOWN PUNster. (2017, Aug 1). Isle have to say this contractor is counterproductive. #UnKNOWN_PUNster [Public Facebook update]. Retrieved Aug 2, 2017, from…

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Happy New Year 2017!


  Praise God for Christmas! It reminds us to face the New Year with Hope and Courage! Isn’t it so apt that just one week before the new year we always have Christmas? Every end of the year we are faced with uncertainties for the future, and especially more so this year! But Christmas reminds…

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My Bittersweet Summer

Whoa, summer had come and gone and now it’s winter! The holiday season is here! I know, I know, this post is so long overdue. *smirk* No excuses. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do gardening because my right hand was still weak and painful when Spring brightly rolled in. However, my doctor encouraged…

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Too Young, Too Old (Not)

Ben's Nan (1) 350

Mother and Son The Humor League. (2017, Jul 27). He is an obedient child. [Public Facebook Update]. Retrieved Aug 16, 2017, from Granny’s Mad Love Life, Culture or Nature, Anything Interesting. (2017, Aug 15). So True. 😍😍😍.[Public Facebook Update]. Retrieved Aug 16, 2017, from Childhood Dreams? It’s not illegal, it’s frowned upon. (2017, Aug…

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Holier than Thou


Power of the Cross Christian Funny Pictures. (2017, June 24). (Untitled) [Public Facebook Update]. Retrieved June 26, 2017, from Letter to God (2012, Mar 25). A letter from God (joke).[Web log post]. Retrieved Jun 1, 2017, from Just Another Day Christian Funny Pictures. (2017, May 25). (Untitled) [Public Facebook Update]. Retrieved May 25, 2017,…

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Pets 400

Wendy What? MusicTalentNow. (2017, Jan. 14). OMG! This DOG Can Totally TALK and SING!![Vid Post]. Retrieved Aug 16, 2017 from Cat’s the Moment Cat the Dude. (2017, July 29). {Untitled]. Retrieved Aug 4, 2017 from Tandem Biking Choice Picks and Flicks. (2017, July 5). It’s the doggy pedal! [Facebook Public Post]. Retrieved July…

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