Rock Bottom

I think America just hit rock bottom in its political history with the second “impeachment” of President Trump in Congress yesterday. I personally hope this is the last treachery among the GOP towards their own President? Have all the Judases, Pharisees, Herods and Pilates cast their stone at President Trump, yet? Have they cut, scourged, bled and humiliated him enough, yet? Are we still on the downward plunge, going deeper and filthier into this stinking, dark cesspool called the Deep Swamp? Is there more? Aren’t we ready to start shooting up, yet? They say when you hit rock bottom there’s no other way left but up.

Meanwhile, while we’re here wallowing in the mud, I picked up this tweet so that we don’t turn out to be total losers when we have recovered from this deadly plunge. May the good people of America who still care about Truth and Righteousness and continue their pursuit of those in the days ahead keep in mind these traitors who turned their backs not just on their President but on the people they had purported to represent – the Conservatives. Meanwhile, I pray that America’s corrupted election system be made right so the sovereignty of the American people can once again put in the place of ledership the candidate that they choose through their legal votes.


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