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New Directions

New Beginnings 2017 thumb

  After a respite of 4 months we’re back in business! With IMMEDIATE EFFECT this website once again offers the VGWellness products. We would like to thank our valued customers for their continued interest in our products. They are not only customers but friends. Thank you so much, guys!   Here’s wishing everyone more wholeness…

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My Bittersweet Summer

Whoa, summer had come and gone and now it’s winter! The holiday season is here! I know, I know, this post is so long overdue. *smirk* No excuses. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do gardening because my right hand was still weak and painful when Spring brightly rolled in. However, my doctor encouraged…

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Sweet Potato Dreams

sweet potato res 400

Sweet potato! In the Philippines and Mexico they call it “camote.” In New Zealand they call it “kumara,” in Malaysia and Indonesia it’s known as “ubi kentang,” in Japan it is “imo.” The botanists call it Ipomoea batatas. I’m sure almost everyone eats sweet potato – boiled, steamed, in pies, in soups, as salted or…

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Wellness = Me!

Wellness Me VG7 Collage 800

  Goodness, me! Wellness, me! Yeah, another one of those nutritionals, you say? No, believe me, this one’s different! Let me tell you why…   All-natural Spirulina and Chlorella from the sea, sun-ripened Acerola cherries from Napa Valley, organic home-grown Wheat Grass and sprouted Flaxseed from your very own reliable kitchen, Noni Fruit from Hawaii,…

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