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Have you found true joy in life, yet? How about pure bliss and happiness?

Happiness happens when we finally get what we want in life—wealth, success, good health, love, family, (you name it). Whereas, for a Bible-believing Christian like me, “joy” is often defined as, “having peace in my heart knowing that I am living in God’s will, even if wealth, success, good health, love, family and / or whatever anything else I want in life, remains out of my reach.”

Hmmm, I often wonder, isn’t it possible to have both happiness and joy? Do you also find yourself thinking that, or wanting that—having both happiness and joy together in your life? If only we can attain the ingredients of happiness (love, family, good health, financial-sufficiency and success), without stress nor strife, nor breaking the laws of God, nor neglecting our love for God, self, neighbor, family and friends, that would be having both happiness and joy, right? Sounds like a piece of cake? Phew! Easier said than done, you say. Can’t blame you.

So many of us are struggling raising a family, taking courses in school and still holding on to a bread-and-butter job. No stress nor strife, you say? I guess when we have truly attained both genuine happiness and true joy in our lives, we can say we have attained pure joy (or pure bliss)! I do not have all the answers, but would you join me in this seemingly illusive search for “pure joy”?

Well, let’s get on with it! Keep moving that mouse, keep clicking, browsing, and you might just find what you’re searching for, here in Pure Joy Land! Or you can leave feedback for me to keep me going on my search! See you around!

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