Healing from Cognitive Dissonance

“A merry heart is good medicine.” I believe that medicine is in very scant supply right now. Just when people felt relieved for surviving 2020, it looks like it turned out to be just warm up (as some have said) for 2021. Joe Biden had actually promised a bleak winter ahead at the presidential debate in October (1) and boy, he did deliver.

With the economy and schools still on lockdown after one year, everyone is suffering from cabin fever and boredom, longing for casual meet ups and strolls in the mall with friends and family, the familiar crowd in the shops, the cozy evening of good music in a concert hall, or the excitement of rooting for one’s team in a stadium, or the enjoyment of a drink in a rowdy bar or quiet cafe, the playing of contact sports with the gang, the satisfying visit to a library. The disappointing handling of the election results in Nov 2020, however, has kind of dampened the widespread desire for socialization and now it seems that the lockdown has turned out to be a blessing. It has become a great excuse not to contact friends and family with whom we disagreed concerning the elections. There has been no closure on that issue.

The political upheaval which resulted in social media and news media censorship  has only brought a hefty weight of cognitive dissonance on the psych of many, which did not help at all in the depression that the pressures of the CCP virus brought to our already muzzled up communities. Joe Biden lost no time, literally, to put his more than 50 executive orders in place to push his and his party’s agenda racing ahead. (2) Foremost in that agenda is establishing “Immigrants First” to blatantly cancel Trump’s “America First.” The stampede at the southern border brought not only scores of unaccompanied children (3) vulnerable to human trafficking but also bands of COVID-positive immigrants. (4) Wow, what compassion for poor wandering people who would surely be so grateful for the warm welcome and would assure Joe Biden and his administration of their votes come re-election time. The newly-passed H.R. 1 Bill spells on doubt on that. (5) The founders of this great nation must be turning in their graves but oh well, that does not matter right now. America is turning into anti-America with trend-setting, tradition-breaking leader Joe Biden. “Anti” as in Antifa? Right after the January 20th inauguration, antifa.com started getting re-directed to the White House website. Have you checked on that?

Then the pressures to get vaccinated quickly rolled in. Despite the record deaths and injuries (some permanent) reported from the first batches of people who received the jabs, our governments and health institutions do not seem to show any signs of letting up on their ferocious crusades to get everyone vaccinated. (6) The aim is to achieve herd immunity as soon as possible, but is this really the way to go? We flip-flopped on the masks (7) and the PCR tests (8), aren’t we going to flip-flop on these vaccines, too? Will some of us end up being collateral damage to the flip-flops?

How did we get here? Now we are choosing between having to get an experimental mRNA “vaccine” which may cause death or lifetime illnesses or having to contract COVID which may cause death as well, if one has comorbidity/s and / or is more advanced in years. Oh, and let’s not forget that the experimental drugs are there (hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, etc.) as well but they seem to have been conveniently forgotten because the star-studded, well-advertised, heavily-funded experimental vaccines take center stage. Big pharma stands to benefit billions.

Cognitive dissonance leads to depression and depression dampens one’s immunity. It leads to sickness. Obviously, depression is the antithesis of “a merry heart.” This website focuses on joy, happiness and the bouyant emotions that support health and wellness. How do we counter cognitive dissonance, disappointments, frustration, anger, betrayal, tyranny and deceit? The COVID, the shutdown economy, the political upheaval, the health dilemma all bring threats to our peace and sense of well-being and security. Threats bring fear. How do you counter fear? The opposite of fear is not bravery. It is faith. When you have faith in a Greater Being who is powerful and compassionate to rescue and deliver you, all fear dissipates. Peace takes over. Bravery and courage sound virtuous but they do not bring along peace and rest like faith does.

For a long, long time we trusted in government, in health insurance, health care professionals, organizations and unions, communities and united causes, sources of income, accumulated wealth and abilities to make wealth, our own strengths and capabilities, even our friends and families. But it looks like all those are not coming through for our deliverance right now. It is time to find that long-forgotten, hardly-ever travelled road to “home” – our “safe place” – the Creator. He is the one who made us and who has all the solutions to our problems, the answers to all our needs right now. What is a pandemic to Him? It’s all part of Nature and the universe He Himself made. Maybe you’re not the praying kind – not even gone to church or seen a Bible all your life. Or maybe you used to, but you had forgotten, because it has been so long. But God, your safe dwelling place, is calling you “home.” Surely, He is stronger than us and can handle the big messes we got into. Surely He is there, He cares, He listens and He will show up.

“Those who call on the name of the LORD will be saved.” It is time to call.

If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,”
    and you make the Most High your dwelling,
no harm will overtake you,
   no disaster will come near your tent.

Psalm 91:9,10


Most of our illnesses come from toxic emotions like stress, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, guilt, loneliness, grief and sadness. Depression brings illness and when we fall sick we also become depressed and that makes the illness even worse. Apparently, our immune system works at its tip-top form when we have healthy, positive emotions like happiness, peace, forgiveness, acceptance, love, etc. Mark Virkler, a renowned Bible teacher on physical and emotional healing, has this module which teaches that Spirit-born emotions like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faith, hope, etc., bring healing to us in body, spirit and soul. You can explore his module at his website here: Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions. I have gone through that module online and I observe progressive healing happening in my body. It also helps me guard myself not to give in to toxic emotions but remain in the Spirit-born ones.

(I do not know Mr. Virkler and his family personally and I am not financially compensated for mentioning his teaching module here. I just wish to share this knowledge as it has helped me in my own healing.)


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