America in the Balance

“My fellow Americans, I stand here with all the feelings that I do, disgusted with this lie, that Biden has been chosen…

As if we all don’t know the truth.
And when one tries to deceive we know that one can’t get away with it. There will be a price to pay. The ones who are jumping for joy now are jumping toward the harm they will be in for.

Because I know the promises being made from the Left to the American people will never come to be.

My friends of all colors, races and religions, this is now our greatest fight since the Civil War – the battle of Righteousness versus Satan. Yes, Satan.

Because these Leftists are evil, corrupt, and they want to tear down this nation.
We must not allow this. We must fight this corruption that has taken over and fight for the good that seems lost.

Let us give our trust to God and fight now for Trump‘s victory, because we all know this ballot count is corruption like they are. So let us not back down, let us fight this fight as if it is our last fight on earth.

As Muhammad Ali said, “It is not over, till the last punch you have.”

God bless…” – Jon Voight
How the Left ripped this vid apart in scoffing, mockery and derision on YouTube is unbelievable. Obviously, they are very much unnerved by the simplicity of the message of this “old man.” For me, Mr. Jon Voight is not just an old man filled with wisdom from his years, he is also the celebrated Best Actor from the movie “Coming Home.” People of my age would remember that although many young people nowadays wouldn’t know that movie. It was one of the most poignant movies produced in my growing up years, inspired by the tragically infamous Vietnam War of the 1960’s. I do have great respect for Mr. Voight. Of course, most importantly, I admire him for standing up to his convictions and I agree with what he says. I’m posting this here for wider viewing just in case YouTube scrubs it off its platform. Enjoy!



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