Holier than Thou

 Parting of the Red Sea Revisited


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How Esau Lost His Birthright


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Adam’s or Eve’s Apple?


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Methuselah’s New Year


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Be a Light and Salt of the Earth


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Last Joke You Would Want to Hear


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New App

Good news for the super efficient pips, another app for saving time!

Good news for those in a hurry; another time saver app!

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Boneline Dating

Bone of my Bones, Flesh of my Flesh...

“Bone of my Bones, Flesh of my Flesh…”

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Power of the Cross

power of the cross

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Letter to God

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Just Another Day


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Easter Update


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Cleft of the Rock


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Facebook Junkies


“I knew it. Zuckerberg stole it. It was God’s idea!”

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Too Deep and Beautiful


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Oldest Heirloom Baby Pics Ever!


“Bounciest baby loam and marrow…!” Gross? This made me laugh till I got a tummy ache! 😛

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The Heart Math Dilemma


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Theophilus rex

Theophilus rex

“Drats! The T. rex that breaks all the rules.”

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 Mrs. Noah

“Burmese, Siamese, Persian, Bengal, Siberian, Russian,… Oh, no!”

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Patriarchs Fishing


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Tart from the Start


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Last Supper Selfie.


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Happy New Year 2017

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They Find Me

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