Too Young, Too Old (Not)

Hail to the King!

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My Aunt’s Husband


Pedro, Edmund S. (2019, Jan 12) Bahala kayo 😂😂😂 [Public Facebook Update]. Retrieved Feb 6, 2019 from

Love and Marriage


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Old and Gold

Laughter Heals. (2018, Oct). Old but gold😂 [Public Facebook Update]. Retrieved Dec 7, 2018 from[0]=68.ARD9VfUR7HxNwBr6_jupU5OolYLp5sDi_iT6_OgJmkG1VakbNRtI-8yKW6j0cbN73mpQPEKkFru9_CBiBL5PSuacrCyIbx_PSxLAIX9bSgndN1q9jjzuTDTLTVFXi4K3pTiGL3Magb2hM4ksCOfawZMu8CckeTSHiRhDgTh3hZrTwynxdGcc691VU-R8SGdjuEkzKYderEF38iXyxHfW3q7A8e_qvT_GwDfCmhEWt9D2sc4RV4K-ttjHuMvSg03Wq9naxSdrvVDTuSGeUIZScgzJmjF7rbXJNnbVwyZpowae-YURrJpkEyzJfeIVE8uxzykdma7b1_BO19Bhxf_t60eMxrvn66w&__tn__=FC-R

Wee Wonder Views


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My Generation


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Freedom at Last


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Super Sweet 90’s


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Mother and Son

Sunshine on my Shoulders

Sunshine on my Shoulders

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Granny’s Mad Love


Life, Culture or Nature, Anything Interesting. (2017, Aug 15). So True. 😍😍😍.[Public Facebook Update]. Retrieved Aug 16, 2017, from

Childhood Dreams?

childhood dreams

It’s not illegal, it’s frowned upon. (2017, Aug 8). (Untitled). [Public Facebook Update]. Retrieved Aug 14, 2017, from

Ball Pool Party

Ball Pool Party

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Midlife When?

ongoing crisis30 Going on 13. (2017, Aug 2). (Untitled). [Public Facebook update]. Retrieved Aug 9, 2017 from

Zumba Babies

This is fun!

Zumba mit Babs. (2017, Feb 24). .. wenn i no i 30 johr Zumba gib 😜 [Public Facebook update]. Retrieved Feb 28, 2017, from

Texting Calculator

texting calculator

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Too Young for Marriage?

Upsocl. (2016, Dec 20). No more weddings! [Facebook Public Post]. Retrieved Dec 23, 2016 from

Ben's Nan

Google Search Grandma’s Style: “Hello there, pardon me, anyone kindly please attend to my query today, in 1/nth of a second, pretty-pleeeease!!! Thank you!!!” (Yes! “Please,” “excuse me” and “thank you” are the magic words all the way!)

An English grandson’s story on her nan that just went viral. Cox Media Group National Content. (June 16, 2016). Grandma’s Polite Google Searches Draw Worldwide Attention [Feature Article]. Retrieved June 17, 2016 from



Senior Tea Time: Coffee, Tea or Forget It!

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“Me Too!”

As publicly posted on Facebook. Accessed Apr 7, 2016 (3M+ views).


Never Too Old to Dance

As posted on YouTube. Accessed Mar 31, 2016. Also publicly shared on Facebook. Accessed Mar 12, 2016 (11M+ views).


As posted on YouTube. Accessed Mar 28, 2016 (25M+ views). Also publicly shared on Facebook. Accessed Mar 12, 2016 (42M+ views).


Too old, Too ill? (Not)

As posted on YouTube. Accessed Mar 31, 2016. Also publicly shared on Facebook. Accessed Mar 17, 2016 (3M+ views).


Youngest to smile!


Youngest to Smile!

As publicly posted on Facebook by “Did You Know?” (Feb 21, 2016). Accessed Feb 22, 2016.


Youngest to appreciate big bucks?

Yes, big bucks!

itziarlazkano Admin. (Undated). Animated Giph. Accessed Apr 8, 2016 from


Youngest Dog Walker

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