What is Sin?

What right thing do I know and have the opportunity to do but still not doing it? I can easily come up with a decent list. Needless to say, God has such a high standard. But hey, that’s why I know I need Jesus as my Savior from sin. He gives me hope that I will do what I know I need to do – be a doer of the word, and not just a hearer. And even if I may never get to the perfection of God in this life, He still loves and accepts me. He knows my frame, He remembers that I am just dust. But praise God that through the shed blood of Jesus, God keeps me in His list of hopefuls for glory in Christ. Thanks be to God for His gift of grace through Jesus! “The righteous shall live by faith….”


Scripture quotation is from the New American Standard Bible, Bible App by YouVersion.com


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