My Testimony: How VGWellness Moringa Helped Me with My Trigger Finger Condition

PicMonkey Trigger Finger

The middle finger on my right hand was afflicted with the “trigger finger” syndrome; it was stiff. When bent, I could straighten it slowly, but with pain and a pop. Once straightened it would be painful again to bend it. It was also constantly in pain. The image on the right shows what it looks like inside, with the swollen tendon resulting to the bent affected finger.


I came to know of the VGWellness products through a friend and she told me that taking the “Moringa” capsules cured her carpal tunnel problem. I had been having this “trigger finger” condition on my right hand since around March 2013 due to pressing on the computer mouse for long hours.  I could not bend my middle finger all the way down without pain and if I forced it to bend, it would also hurt a lot straightening it up again. I was constantly massaging my right hand because the pain would bother me the whole day and even wake me up in the middle of the night. Because of that condition my grip was very weak and I could not easily count coins with my right hand, as a cashier at work.


My grip was so weak that I was thinking, “What if I am placed in an emergency situation and I will need a strong grip on something like a rope to survive? I may not survive because I can’t grab or hold on to a rope!” I was hoping it would just go away but it didn’t. After one year, around May 2014, I decided to consult a doctor and the first treatment they recommended was therapy with a physical therapist. It involved massage, warm or cold treatments and hand movement exercises. The therapy helped a bit but the pain and stiffening still would not go away. It didn’t help that I was working  on a manual kind of part-time job at that time. I was advised not to lift heavy objects but I couldn’t refrain doing so at my job. So, whatever little help the therapies did were offset by the strenuous work my hands had to do at work. I finished all the therapy sessions covered by my insurance (total of 15) but my condition had not improved. The next step the therapist recommended was to put my finger on a splint (which means I wouldn’t even be able to do house chores until it has fully recovered), or have a steroid injection at the affected inflamed joint. I did not like the idea of the injection because another friend, who had a steroid injection, told me that the condition came back after a while.  Finally, I quit my job but that did not help either.


Then I came to know of VGWellness products in February this year (2015) and I started taking the Moringa capsules. The stiffness and pain markedly improved overnight and within 4 days I could hardly feel it’s even there! Right now I only feel a stiffness when I wake up in the morning and it goes away with just a little stretching and pressing on the finger. What a difference! I used to be wakened up in the middle of the night because of the pain and now it is as if I never had it! If this is not happiness then I don’t know what is! On top of that I also feel that emptying my bladder in the morning is so much easier. Apparently, Moringa is also a diuretic. Must be the reason why some people use this product to control their weight. My daughter keeps saying I look so trim now. I have not been so faithful in doing my exercise but people say I look good. So, yes, I believe these VGWellness products are good! (7/15/15)



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