Happiness and Wellness

This blogsite very much reflects my passion for happiness, wellness, peace, and spiritual well-being. At the moment what concerns us all is wellness and safety from COVID19. That’s the reality of the year 2020 to the present.  It is my hope, together with all of you out there, that this pandemic whittles into thin air sooner than later. At this point the more info we know the better we can fight this pandemic. Truly, that only confirms what the God tells us in His Holy Book, 

“Surely you need guidance to wage war, and victory is won through many advisers.” (Proverbs 24:6)

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” (Hosea 4:6) 

We need all the wisdom, understanding, counsel and knowledge that comes from the LORD. The primary source for those? It’s the Bible, the word of God. In like manner, it will do us good to know as much scientific knowledge on COVID, its treatment, and the touted “vaccines” against it.  

In the science community they have what they call “different schools of thought”  and they are all valuable towards the collective knowledge in solving a problem. As they say, there are many ways to kill a cat. For example, on the origin of the species, we have both the Evolution Theory of Charles Darwin and the Creation Theory of the Judeau-Christian thought. When it comes to losing weight one can have a choice of doing the keto diet or the low carbo-high protein diet, the gluten-free diet, the pilates diet, vegetarian diet, etc. All are scientific and no one school denegrates or cancels the other. Even in food handling, there are many ways of preserving produce – by dehydration, canning, freezing, freeze-drying, pickling, etc. If I wish to go to the North Pole I can travel by land, by sea, by air or by all three. There are just so many ways of achieving the same end result in almost all facets of our lives. This is what we call academic freedom. It is simply the freedom to think: the freedom to approach a problem in as many varied ways there are possible. With COVID-19, many scientists, doctors and pharmaceutical companies say the way to go is by vaccines. But some of them also say the better and faster way is to do it through treatment. The debate goes on but sadly, the vaccine advocates seem to have steamrolled the treatment proponents down. It is simply because they have more clout. The world governments are aggressively pushing the vaccines and they have withheld the available treatments from their peoples. Whatever happened to academic freedom and freedom of choice? We actually have two options available to us now – take the vaccine or take the prophylactics and treatments. Either way we would still arrive at worldwide herd immunity.

I am posting here a link to a 28-min info-packed video. Every minute of it is worth a listen. But if for any reason you can’t access it, you have the choice of reading the transcription instead. I may have missed a word or phrase here and there – it is not perfect – but I believe I captured at least 95% of what the speaker said. I tried to stick to the word-for-word transcription of the lecture as much as possible. I also highlighted the points I consider important.

So, here goes.


Summary of the Transcription:

There are three major risks to COVID19: obesity, low vit D levels and old age. 

The farther from the equator we are, the darker our skin, the heavier, and the older we are, the harder it is to synthesize vit D in our skin through sunlight and the more we need vit D supplementation. Magnesium and zinc blood levels are critical, too.  Normal D levels decrease our COVID symptoms severity and risk for hospitalization by 90%. 96% of infected people who end up in ICU are vit D deficient.

Being a prohormone, vitamin D is set apart as the vital key to our immune health. It modulates cytokine storm, the major cause of death in COVID19. A mid-level or higher vitamin D in our system will prevent death.

There is a lack of awareness among physicians and an absence of media push by the government on informing everyone the critical role of vitamin D blood levels as regards COVID19 prevention and treatment.

There is a prophylaxis and an outpatient, early, effective treatment for COVID – Ivermectin.  It decreases the death rate by 75-86%. It is both a viral killer and immune modulator; it also tunes down long-term COVID symptoms among the long-haulers. It can handle all the COVID variants and is effective against all coronaviruses, dengue, ebola and the West Nile. myfreedoctor.com is one of many online websites you can get it from.

The long-term safety data on mRNA vaccines is not available. mRNA vaccines have not been used on humans before; they are an experiment on society. They are technically not “vaccines“ but rather “experimental biological gene therapy immune modulatory injections.” mRNA vaccine trials on mammals have led to cancers and autoimmune diseases. The biggest concern is antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) reaction. 100% of animals tested with these vaccines ended up with immune reactions when exposed to a wild type virus. mRNA vaccines are apparently unsafe for pregnant women and the baby in the womb. The lipid nanoparticles – Polyethyelene Glycol 2000 – is the antifreeze agent in them that causes allergic reactions in some people.

Masks don’t work.



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