Christmas Bloopers

Only in Canada – Bringing Carol Cheer to their Police

Sam M. (2016, Dec 26). “Police Navidad” Filmed In Vancouver Canada [Video Post]. Retrieved Dec 28, 2016 from


Surprise Present

Translation: "I'm so excited to open this!" "What could be inside?"

Translation: “I’m so excited to open this!” “What could be inside?”

Looks like someone was saving on Christmas wrapper for next year. Any suggestions on what could be inside? I’m stumped! Some suggestions at the original post: “Pitcher, picture frame, alarm clock, tea pot, etc.” Any more bright ideas out there?  As publicly posted on Facebook by Pinoy Videos. “ANG HIRAP HULAAN! (emoticons) – Bess.” (Dec 12, 2016). Accessed Dec 12, 2016.



As publicly posted by Skalski, Robbi on YouTube, “24 Christmas Tree Calamities.” (Dec 21, 2015). Accessed Feb 4, 2016.

Winter Wonderland


Or from a beach in Hawaii…  😀

Fox 5 San Diego. (2014, Jan 10). Bahahahaha #72andsunnyeveryday #gochargers ⚡.[Public Facebook update]. Retrieved Jan 10, 2017, from

Trip or Trip Again… and Again!

Jason Knox. (2013, Jan 18). 8 Minutes of people falling over the same patch of ice. [Vid post]. Retrieved Jan 10, 2017 from



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