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All in a Day’s Work

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Working Holiday UnKNOWN PUNster. (2017, July 8). Extending our vacation another week is a remote possibility. #UnKNOWN_PUNster [Public Facebook update]. Retrieved July 8, 2017, from Baby Groot. (2017, May 15). Wow that’s love [Public Facebook update]. Retrieved June 2, 2017, from Today at Work Funny Pics. (2017, Jan 20). When you think you have a…

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Too Young, Too Old (Not)

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Zumba Babies This is fun! Zumba mit Babs. (2017, Feb 24). .. wenn i no i 30 johr Zumba gib 😜 [Public Facebook update]. Retrieved Feb 28, 2017, from Texting Calculator Purple Clover. (2017, Jan 26). (Untitled). [Public Facebook Update]. Retrieved Jan 26, 2017, from Too Young to Diet X-Phaze. (2017, Jan 10). how I get motivated…

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Holier than Thou


Power of the Cross Christian Funny Pictures. (2017, June 24). (Untitled) [Public Facebook Update]. Retrieved June 26, 2017, from Letter to God (2012, Mar 25). A letter from God (joke).[Web log post]. Retrieved Jun 1, 2017, from Just Another Day Christian Funny Pictures. (2017, May 25). (Untitled) [Public Facebook Update]. Retrieved May 25, 2017,…

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Tandem Biking Choice Picks and Flicks. (2017, July 5). It’s the doggy pedal! [Facebook Public Post]. Retrieved July 6, 2017 from My Valentine, My Chocolates UNILAD. (2017, Feb 14). When someone tries stealing your Valentine’s chocolate 😂🐱🍫. [Public Facebook update]. Retrieved Feb 15, 2017, from Ladies and a Tramp media.giphy. (undated). (untitled). [Giph post]. Retrieved…

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“The Best Of”

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  Classic Chaplin DelStress 1. (2012, Oct 27). Charlie Chaplin – Boxing. [Vid post]. Retrieved Jan 13, 2017, from   The Simpsons   I’m not Mental (2014, Jan 16) The Simpsons S1-S5 Couch Gags [Video File]. Retrieved Feb 4, 2016 from   Tom and Jerry   Jonni Valentayn (2015, Apr 6) Tom and Jerry, 35 Episode…

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Christmas Bloopers

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Only in Canada – Bringing Carol Cheer to their Police Sam M. (2016, Dec 26). “Police Navidad” Filmed In Vancouver Canada [Video Post]. Retrieved Dec 28, 2016 from   Surprise Present Looks like someone was saving on Christmas wrapper for next year. Any suggestions on what could be inside? I’m stumped! Some suggestions at the…

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The Politically Incorrect

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The Bald Eagle’s New Hair Mark Gungor. (2017, Jan 20). (Untitled). [Public Facebook update]. Retrieved Jan 27, 2017, from Presidential Inauguration Gaffe (Guess Which President) “Rain, rain, go away, It’s The Donald’s Inauguration Day!” (See who’s smiling behind.) CBS News. (2017, Jan 20). George W. Bush struggles with his poncho at Trump’s inauguration. Retrieved Jan 21,…

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The Chicken that Keeps Crossing the Road (and Other Nerdy Jokes)

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You Matter, Until… Panlilio, Victor. (2017, May 8). :). [Public Facebook Post]. Retrieved May 8, 2017 from The “Ugh!” Mug Pic shared by a friend on Facebook. (2016, Dec 21).Used with permission. Retrieved on Dec 21, 2016, from       Here’s the latest! Recently spotted near Nashville, Tennessee!   So why did the…

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