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“The Best Of”

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Fish Flops Edson N Silva. (2017, Mar 23). Foi pescar com os e deu ruim!! [Vid Post]. Retrieved Aug 23, 2017 from Romantic Creep >.< Wong Fu Productions.(2014, Feb 19). Is it Creepy or Romantic?[Vid Post]. Retrieved Aug 22, 2017 from Hot Laughs! Clifton Chilli Club. (2015, Sep 27). Chilli Eating Contest Bath…

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Christmas Bloopers

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Only in Canada – Bringing Carol Cheer to their Police Sam M. (2016, Dec 26). “Police Navidad” Filmed In Vancouver Canada [Video Post]. Retrieved Dec 28, 2016 from   Surprise Present Looks like someone was saving on Christmas wrapper for next year. Any suggestions on what could be inside? I’m stumped! Some suggestions at the…

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The Politically Incorrect

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Goalcast. (2017, Oct 5). The Most Inspiring Speech: The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout Will Change Your Life – Rick Rigsby. [Vid Post]. Retrieved Oct 12, 2017 from The Bald Eagle’s New Hair Mark Gungor. (2017, Jan 20). (Untitled). [Public Facebook update]. Retrieved Jan 27, 2017, from Presidential Inauguration Gaffe (Guess Which President)…

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2017 Lunar Haircut OMGFacts. (2017, Aug 21). Who else is pumped?! #OMGJokes [Public Facebook Update]. Retrieved Aug 21, 2017 from Most Popular Miss in Wii Sports (10M+ views on Facebook!) Xdous Anime. (2017, Jul 17). The dog’s face says it all. [Vid Post). Retrieved Aug 21, 2017 from (Also posted on Facebook:…

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The Chicken that Keeps Crossing the Road (and Other Nerdy Jokes)

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Perfect Plex. (2017, Oct 12). The Worst Person to Play Pictionary With. [Vid Post]. Retrieved Oct 12, 2017 from You Rollin’ with the Punches These Days? UnKNOWN PUNster. (2017, Aug 16). I knead to get in the punch line. #UnKNOWN_PUNster [Public Facebook Update]. Retrieved Aug 16, 2017, from You Matter, Until… Panlilio, Victor.…

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Boxing Day

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Phew! Feeling relieved having survived all that shopping, cooking, sending off presents, partying and eating days of left-overs of rich food? Well, take a deep breath, honey, you will start the cycle all over again tomorrow!   How did you spend your Boxing Day? If you’re in  England, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, you were…

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