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Happy Valentine’s 2018!


  Eros is commonly known as the god of love and Cupid is that little “angel” or “cherub” who shoots people’s hearts so that they “fall in love”. The most popular “love” I knew growing up was romantic (or “erotic” from “Eros”) love and the rest is just foggy talk on idealized “love” – God’s…

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Happy New Year 2017!


  Praise God for Christmas! It reminds us to face the New Year with Hope and Courage! Isn’t it so apt that just one week before the new year we always have Christmas? Every end of the year we are faced with uncertainties for the future, and especially more so this year! But Christmas reminds…

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Christmas Happiness

Christmas in our Neighborhood fr 550

Christmas! So much happiness and cheer come with the season of trees, Santa Claus, stockings, sleigh bells, reindeer, carols, parties, presents and church plays! Well, at least for many people. If you are in Southeast Asia and you’re not Christian you most probably are not celebrating Christmas and it probably doesn’t mean much to you, except…

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Thankful at Thanksgiving

thanksgiving fr 550

It is hard to celebrate Thanksgiving without giving some thought, in fact, deep thought, to what actually happened around that “mythical picture” of the “first” Thanksgiving. I had been homeschooling my special needs child for the past two years and whenever Thanksgiving comes around I would borrow books from the library for us to learn…

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Tell Me

Happy Thought 500

Tell me again, please, what happiness is?  I think pure happiness is “the absence of pain, plus a feeling of excitement or a sense of wonder!” “Pain” can be anything from physical to psychological and emotional pain, and everything in between. What d’ya think? As I said in my previous blog, “What is Happiness?” (8/20/15),…

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Joy and Gladness

PicMonkey things we do fr 450 (1)

Sometimes we use the words “joy” and “happiness” / ”gladness” interchangeably. Like, I have a friend who likes gardening and baking so much, she finds so much joy in both. In Facebook she has photo albums called, “The Joy of Gardening” and “The Joy of Baking and Cake Decorating.” I have another friend who loves…

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