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We can’t take life too seriously!  No, we just can’t! Especially when we are ill.

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. (Proverbs 7:22)

We may do the right things when we struggle to regain good health  – eat well, sleep and wake up on time, exercise, pray – but we need that extra boost in our immune system brought along by a hearty good laugh over a funny joke spoken at the right time. Do you watch comedy shows? Famous sitcoms  in my younger days were “Friends,” “Ally McBeal,” “Drake and Josh.” Which one/s did you watch? What do you watch now? We’re probably too busy now and we rely so much on Yahoo News, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on the latest news and trends. It would be “lucky” if we can view a 3-minute feed that contains humor! More likely, we’re flooded with the depressing news on calamities brought by climate change,  mass shootings by deranged individuals, violence by irate immigrants or outright terrorists, even tragic pictures of refugees drowning.

Medical studies have proven that the Bible is right! A cheerful heart does wonders to your health! So, let’s lighten up and burst into laughter! Must be the reason why the “holy laughter” showed up in revivals like “The Toronto Blessing.” The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Love, Joy, Peace! He brings us out of our depression through laughter! Unfortunately, it’s not everyday that He shows up in this manner.  However, the Holy Spirit being present or not, still, the effect of a good hearty laugh does wonders to our bodies! It releases endorphins and all those “feel-good” hormones that  in turn boost our immune system. When our body is battling a disease, that is just what we need – a bolstered immune system! Eating well, resting and exercise do that, too, but so does laughter! We all need a few minutes of laughter everyday! On the other hand, depression or even just a serious disposition can dampen our immune system. In fact, those who are depressed have a lot more trouble recovering from illness compared to those who are in high spirits or just have a positive disposition.

I have lately been suffering so much from short-term memory loss and my friends call it our “senior moment.” Hmmm, but I just came across this study saying laughter can benefit many seniors like me! Laughter reduces memory loss and lowers the stress hormone cortisol in our bodies! You can read the article here: Laughter Really is the Best Medicine.

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Sweet bonding times with family draw out the happy hormones in us! This mom and daughter are a picture of health, happiness and timeless beauty.

Nowadays they even have laughter therapy in CTCA  (Cancer Treatment Centers of America). Their therapy sessions are not based on jokes or comedy shows but on laughter as a physical activity. It may sound weird and unnatural but once the patients actually go through the motions of making the laughing sounds it triggers them to genuinely laugh because laughter is a contagious thing! It is particularly effective when done in a group. You can read about it here: Laughter Therapy.

I read some articles online affirming that laughter boosts the immune system. The most thorough article I found says in fact, it benefits us physically, mentally and socially. It lowers stress hormones, decreases pain, relaxes the whole body, increases our energy and protects us from heart disease. Among suggested activities to create laughter are: watching a comedy show or movie, reading the funny pages, seeking out funny people, sharing a good joke with family or friends, playing with a pet or children, doing something silly,  making time for fun activities like karaoke, bowling, etc, and joining a laughter yoga club. You might care to read the article here: Laughter is the Best Medicine

I have not heard of laughter yoga before so I looked up this site, and it does look interesting. Even just watching other people laugh made me laugh a bit, too! Laughter Yoga  Here’s a sample session from that site: A Laughter Yoga session.

A study  has shown that laughter, whether induced by something funny and entertaining, or self-induced without any stimulus, does benefit us, as the brain does not discriminate on how the laughter comes.

Although I have not accessed a study quantifying the therapeutic benefits of laughter in a clinical study, I believe having a good laugh, even just for a few minutes (an article said 15 minutes daily) would do us a lot of good. Of course, the best thing would be to call or visit an old friend whom you haven’t seen in ages. I find that when I connect with my high school classmates we spontaneously laugh, even just at the sight of each other or just hearing each other’s voice over the phone. I believe it’s the happiness of connecting with people who represent the happy moments of our lives which triggers the laughter. I have a best friend from college with whom I didn’t have contact for at least ten years. When we talked on the phone for the first time after that period we laughed for at least one or two minutes without having to say anything to each other beyond “Hello, how have you been?” ! We just laughed most likely from the sheer happiness of re-connecting. Now it’s not everyday we can have opportunities like that but if we have to laugh daily, and do not have a laughter club or maybe even a funny person to laugh with / at, I guess the most practical solution would be to look up funny things online. Hence, I have decided to collect my funny items just right here on this section! Now my humor might not be the same as yours but I will try to keep to what would be considered generically or universally funny. So, watch out for this page!

Yes! Lighten up and win!!

Yes! Lighten up and win!!


All Scripture references are from the 1984 New International Version, unless otherwise specified.

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4 comments for “Lighten Up!

  1. Felicity King
    February 5, 2016 at 9:38 AM

    This article is just I what I need to remind me to lighten up especially at work which is stressful at times. Since I’ve been diagnosed to have atrial fibrillation, I try not to get stressed out.. and to lessen my strong urgency to get things done. I could feel a heaviness in my heart when I try to hurry things up especially when I’m multitasking. So my resolve is to lighten up. Now about laughter and having humor in our life, I’m lucky to have a hubby who makes me laugh ( why I fell in love with him) and a son who can be very funny with his jokes. Our dinner table is where we share laughters…animated talks about basketball, my son’s love interest, funny incidents at work. It is sweet to my ears when I hear my autistic son laughing because his dad is tickling him or teasing him. Indeed, laughter makes us feel lighter.

    • purejoyland
      February 5, 2016 at 4:00 PM

      Totally agree, Fel! I know just how blessed you are with your cheerful family, especially your funny husband, despite the recent diagnosis you mentioned. You are much better off than many of us because of your happy home. You are soooo blessed!! We used to play cards at home and it would bring lots of laughs but now it’s difficult to get four people sitting together to do that. Computer games, social media, strained relationships, uhm, yeah, are a few of the culprits I can think of. So yeah, having people to laugh with is really the best game plan but if we can’t have that we’ll have to find ways to make it happen! Look out for the humor posts in this section and let me know which ones make you truly laugh. My humor can be different from yours and most people, I wouldn’t know. Maybe you can share your own jokes, too! As for my autistic daughter, my being with her is enough to make her happy, I guess. Her health and emotional state has improved so much now that we are able to spend more time together. I have never heard her giggle so much over her fav youtube vids than in this past year after I quit my part-time job! She sounds like she is really comprehending what she’s watching now! So, yes, let’s keep it light! 😀 Life is too short…

  2. Felicity King
    February 6, 2016 at 4:41 AM

    I have this family anecdote which to this day still makes me laugh. So many times we’ve brought it up in the dinner table and still makes us laugh…
    My older son was just 2 years old then. I thought the safety gate to the kitchen was locked, but lo and behold my son was in the kitchen covered from head to toe with Quik chocolate powder. Omg! I was shocked and kind of mad. I carried him quickly to the bath tub and started to pour water on him. Seconds later, I burst out laughing because the water in the tub became so brown..chocolate brown! I couldn’t stay mad with him because the situation became very funny to me. I laughed and laughed again when I told his dad when he came home from work. He was laughing too.

    • purejoyland
      February 6, 2016 at 11:04 AM

      Some people dream of bathing in milk… That was probably his dream, to bathe in chocolate drink? Waahaaa, dream come true!! 😀 Funny moments with kids! They’s priceless! How you wish you took a photo of that incident?
      One time my older son had an emotional moment and so I hugged him to comfort him. But we had this Shih Tzu pet dog that time and Shih Tzus are possessive over their masters. They usually choose one member of the family to be their “master” and somehow that time his choice was my son. So, when I hugged him because he was crying the dog started barking at us, very fiercely, like he was going to bite me! I got scared and let go! We realized he thought my son was crying because I was hurting him! Our other kids were watching and so we all laughed instead, and that broke up the serious emo moment. My son started laughing, too, instead of crying. 😀 waahaa!

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