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New Directions

  After a respite of 4 months we’re back in business! With IMMEDIATE EFFECT this website once again offers the VGWellness products. We would like to thank our valued customers for their continued interest in our products. They are not only customers but friends. Thank you so much, guys!   Here’s wishing everyone more wholeness…

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Boxing Day

Phew! Feeling relieved having survived all that shopping, cooking, sending off presents, partying and eating days of left-overs of rich food? Well, take a deep breath, honey, you will start the cycle all over again tomorrow!   How did you spend your Boxing Day? If you’re in  England, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, you were…

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Helpful Tips on Transfer of Purchase Payments

How do I get paid for purchases on my VGWellness nutritionals business? Most of the time people say, “I’ll send you a check.” Yes, personal checks are always good! However, thanks to online banking, now we have other reliable ways of sending small amounts to each other. They are faster and more convenient, too!  …

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