Wilderness Season




I had stopped blogging here for a while because I had other more pressing things to attend to in the past year. I’m supposed to write on “happiness,” “joy” and everything in between but I just could not find enough material, in my heart, on those topics. It had been a sobering year for me.


I had seen quite a bit of the dark side of the spirit world in the past year. I had a very close loved one who manifested having spirits and another loved one, just my age, who passed away from cancer, despite her great faith in our LORD Jesus Christ, our Healer. She was just my age. I was very much saddened by that. I was still reeling from hearing that news when a colleague, also my age, suddenly demised from a heart attack – also a staunch believer!


Ten years ago I had a relative who succumbed to cancer and she was born the same year as me, too. Five years ago I had a really young niece whom we lost also to cancer. My very dear mother, thank God, lived to a ripe old age but nonetheless also departed painfully through cancer.  As I had mentioned in an earlier blog, cancer, diabetes and heart disease seem to be the triumvirate plagues that stalk our generation and waylay many an unsuspecting friend, neighbor, coworker, family member, etc. Hence, all the more I had seriously looked into these scourges in the past year, and to illness and well-being in general.


My consolation is that I have a very close friend who was battling cancer for the second time and, in the past year, had been pronounced “in remission” and I also found out that I have a friend and prayer partner who actually is also a cancer survivor. An old sage Christian mentor of mine also contracted cancer in the last few years and is battling it without surgery or chemotherapy, just with herbs and prayers, and is doing very well. Praise the LORD!  All is not lost! Right now, I have another very dear loved one battling cancer valiantly, and by the grace and mercy of our LORD Jesus Christ, is doing not too bad. We are looking to God’s complete healing and restoration for him, in the LORD’s perfect grace and time. GOD is good and merciful and He’s more than able!


I had closely prayed and communicated with the loved one who lost the struggle with cancer in the past year and I believe I had gained some valuable insights that hopefully would be useful for me in helping other precious loved ones or friends who would be caught in the predicament of battling cancer or any debilitating ailment. The most valuable of these insights, I believe, is what I learned from the Bible. Thus, henceforth, I will be writing more on what the Bible says about the Kingdom of God, as physical healing is very much a part of it. I have thus devoted a section on it – “Kingdom Shalom.” I am renaming the category “Other” to “Kingdom Shalom.” I believe it is no coincidence that my first blog post in that section is entitled “Peace” (“Shalom” in the Bible}. I had been asking the Holy Spirit’s leading and guidance concerning this blogsite from the beginning until now. I believe this is where the Holy Spirit’s “river of revelation” has led me. I will still be writing on “happiness” and “joy”. I still have my old notes; both topics are so vast, so fascinating and enigmatic as ever. No spoilers here, but they are shining gems in the Kingdom of God. Stay tuned!


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