Titanic 500

2017 Lunar Haircut

2017 Solar Eclipse

The hair trim that millions in America watched, and the sun had to put up with today. Awesome.

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Most Popular Miss in Wii Sports (10M+ views on Facebook!)

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Alibaba’s Cave Today


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“Jack and Rose” – did you enjoy that movie, too?

“Make every moment count, Rose!”


Tripping Taco – Never Say Die!

As publicly shared on Facebook. Accessed Feb 4, 2016.


The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Public post by Elisandre Crowley on Facebook. Posted Apr 4, 2016. Accessed Apr 4, 2016.

Prank on Your In-Laws?

Public post by We African Nations on Facebook. Posted Sept 2, 2016. Accessed Sept 4, 2016.


This Year’s Top Ten Posts

2016 in Review - The Top Ten Posts!

2016 in Review – The Top Ten Posts! Do you agree with our choices?

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Imagine a Cashless Society

Heist Yikes!

Heist Yikes!

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Before n After Wedding

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Today’s Top 5 Two-Liners

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